Teen Wkd 2022

Teen Wkd 2022

2022 Kptcoc Teen Bible Weekend

July 29-31

Your Identity in God Through Christ

The following sermons and classes will be presented and led by our guest - Phillip Mullins and Shawn Jeffries whose bios are included below.

Friday Sermons:

1 – You Are God’s Creation (Shawn)

2 – Living as God’s Creation (Phillip)

Saturday Classes:

Joseph: Maintaining a Godly Identity When I Face a Crisis (Shawn)

Daniel: Maintaining a Godly Identity When the World is Trying to Redefine Me (Phillip)

Timothy: Developing my Identity in Christ (Shawn)

Sunday Class:
Ruth and Rahab: Finding the Identity God Offers Me (Phillip)

Sunday Sermons:

Morning – The Need for Re-creation (Phillip)

Afternoon – How to be Re-created (Shawn)


Please plan to join us for a great weekend of Bible study and fellowship.


Shawn Jeffries

Shawn Jeffries has been working with the Monte Vista Church of Christ in Phoenix, Arizona, for the past three years. Prior to that, he worked with churches in Beaumont, Texas (two years), Leesburg, Florida (4.5 years), and Columbia, Tennessee (6.5 years). Shawn and his wife, Genesia, have been married for 19 years. They have two children, a son (age 12) and a daughter (age 6).

He loves opportunities to work with teenage disciples. He has been blessed to participate in Youth Bible study weekends in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois, Florida, and Texas. He also previously participated in Kingsport’s teen weekend in 2011.

Phillip Mullins 

Phillip Mullins grew up seventy miles north of Kingsport in the mountains of Virginia. He attended college in Florida, began preaching part-time in 1983, and has worked full-time in preaching since 1987. He has worked with churches in Florida, Maryland, Kentucky, California, and Virginia. He now preaches just over the mountain from the Tri-Cities in Asheville, NC. From 1999 to 2010 it was his privilege to work with the Kingsport church. Phillip, Lori, and their daughter, Hannah, experienced many blessings and developed strong bonds with the Kingsport brothers and sisters in those years. Along with his Bible teaching, Phillip has worked as a middle school and high school history teacher in Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia. He taught at Sullivan South High School from 2003 to 2010. He cherishes the time he had with the young people of the Kingsport church and the teenagers in the Colonial Heights community. He is enthused to be back with the church for the youth weekend.

  1. Bible Study
    5/25/22 07:00pm
  2. Ladies Bible Study (& Brunch)
    5/28/22 09:00am
  3. Bible Study
    5/29/22 09:30am
  4. AM Worship
    5/29/22 10:30am
  5. PM Worship
    5/29/22 05:00pm
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