Mission Work

Mission Work

The Church at Kingsport is vigilant to spread the gospel to all the world like we see in Mark 16:15. We support several men both locally and afar off. These men are working with their local church as well as ministering in their local areas. Below are those works:

Tom Kinzel 

We send Tom, Kingsport's local preacher, to India every January where he helps meet with their preachers to spread the word throughout the whole country of India. 

V.J. Benson


Josh Lewis

San Francisco, CA

Kalvin Johns

San Francisco, CA

Ken Holbrook

Wise, VA

Jason Trick

Saint Albans, WV



  1. Bible Study
    6/23/24 09:30am
  2. AM Worship
    6/23/24 10:30am
  3. Monthly Song Service
    6/23/24 05:00pm
  4. PM Worship
    6/23/24 05:00pm
  5. VBS - Paul’s Missionary Journeys
    6/25/24 09:00am
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